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A Little Background

I have always appreciated the beauty of natural stone, so I thought I would take that appreciation, along with some of my design talents I inherited from my father and create some unique display and functional pieces using natural stone.  The pictures above are some examples of the kinds of work we have available.

The artwork  is done on display pieces, or coffee tables and end tables, integrating the natural 'texture' and color of the stone with the design.  The display pieces range from smaller pieces suitable for a pedestal, mantel or table, to larger pieces that will sit on your floor.  The designs and content are quite varied, ranging from classic themes to the abstract.  The designs attempt to use the natural shape and color of the stone to compliment the artwork.

The artwork is sandblasted into the surface of the polished stone, and then hand painted or air brushed. We will also  paint the artwork on the surface of the unpolished stone.  The surface is then coated with a clear polyurethane or  Lithichrome to seal and protect it.

I hope you find something that you enjoy as you are looking at the pictures (special thanks to Xiu-Juan for her help  with the editing and photographs).  Below is a table of contents to this site.  Please let me know if you have any questions, or suggestions at mail@echoesend.com.  Just a quick note as you are browsing the photos.  A photo graphic image condenses a lot of detail into a small area and because of this tends to smooth details.  In some pieces this can take away from the detail and contrast, and in other pieces where the artwork may be slightly coarse, especially on the hand painted pieces, the photo will smooth and blend the colors and transitions.  

Thank you for visiting and have a great day!


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