Coffee and End Tables

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The coffee and end tables have designs that have been sandblasted into the surface and then airbrushed.  The effect of the etching is to transform the table into a subtle piece of art.  I can also inlay wood and metal scroll into the surface of the stone for a unique effect.

The bases are either hardwood or metal.  Although these bases are more time consuming to produce then a boxy stone base, they are not as bulky and distracting from the table itself.  Also , these bases tend to compliment the other furniture in your living area.

The paint on the surface is sealed with a clear Lithichrome for durability and will hold up to spills from coffee and other non caustic solutions.  If the table is going to get heavy use, you may want to simply have a piece of glass cut and placed on the a painted area.  I would be glad to do this for you.

You may select the picture to see a larger rendition for better detail.  I also have an additional close-up detail on some of the larger pieces. I note this in the description as [see additional detail], and you may click on that link to view that version.

Please let me know if you find something you like, and I always appreciate comments (good and critical).

worig-ctabongly-main.jpg (45998 bytes)Piece Identification: CT-ABONGLY

Description: This galaxy black granite creates a beautiful 'starry' effect under soft light.  The clean design is airbrushed in bronze color and the edges of the stone are beveled at 45 degrees [See additional detail].  The base is iron with a gray/silver hammer finish. 

: L:48" - W:18" - H:18.50"

Piece Identification: CT-MON1

Description: A beautiful and distinctive marbled stone etched with a 'gold leaf' border.   The table is edged in red oak  painted black.  [See additional detail].  The base is iron with a unique black/gold crackle finish.  This is the matching coffee table to the  ET-MON1 end table.  

Size: L:50" - W:20" - H:18.50"

worig-ctwechabst-main.jpg (53517 bytes)Piece Identification: CT-WECHABST

Description: A bold clean simple design airbrushed in gold and silver Lithichrome make this a read standout piece [See additional detail].  The granite is a black/green with a red oak border.  The legs are red oak with an ebony stain.  

Size: L:57" - W:26.50" - H:17.50"

Piece Identification: CT-WIVY

Description: Very brilliant colors in this very unique stone, with a simple 'clean' ivy graphic etched in detail.  The table edging is white oak  with a mahogany stain and the base is solid red oak, with a mahogany stain [See additional detail].  This stone matches the ET-WIVY end table.  

Size: L:56.50" - W:27.75" - H:19"

Piece Identification: ET-MON1

Description: A beautifully marbled stone with a simple 'gold leaf' border for an elegant accent [See additional detail].  The table edge is red oak painted black.  The base is iron with a black/gold crackle finish.  This is the matching end table to the CT-MON1 coffee table.  

Size: L:20" - W:19.50" - H:25.50"

Piece Identification: ET-WIVY

Description: The natural beauty of the stone lends itself to a simple clean design [See additional detail].  This stone is a match to the coffee table CT-WIVY.  A simple ivy wreath is etched in the center.  The base is solid red oak painted mahogany.  

Size: L:30" - W:27.50" - H:22"

Piece Identification: ET-WLOTU

Description: The colors are bold on this elegant yet natural looking piece.  The stone is marble and the edge molding and base are solid red oak.  [See additional detail]

Size: L:36" - W:27.50" - H:22"