Display Pieces

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The display pieces are either free hand painted, or etched into a polished surface, and then airbrushed.  The artwork is then coated with a clear polyurethane or Lithichrome to protect and seal it.  The pieces are then mounted on a metal or hardwood base.  I prefer the use of wood bases for two reasons.  First, they are much easier on the table surface, and stone or wood floor, then a stone base.  Second, the wood base compliments most wood furniture the pieces will be displayed on.

You may select the image below to view a larger picture for better details.  Of course if you have any questions, you can go to the contact page and send me a note.

Piece Identification: DP-BALOVL

Description: The female figure is airbrushed in silver and stands on a black granite base.

Size: L:9" - W:6" - H:19"

Piece Identification: DP-HERONGR

Description: This is one of my favorites.  A very attractive stone blends itself well with the natural setting of the etching [See additional detail].  The base is oak and maple with metal copper antiquing applied to compliment the natural green color of the stone.  

Size: L:19" - W:8.75" - H:43.50"

Piece Identification: DP-LDYFTN

Description: We used inks on this piece which were rubbed into the marble and then sealed with a clear polyurethane.  The inks help to create a soft, but bright natural look on this classic composition.

Size: L:23.50" - W:4.50" - H:20.75"

Piece Identification: DP-PRIN

Description: A very pretty classic piece painted on a sandblased panel of polished absolute black granite.  The painting is sealed with polyurethane.

Size: L:16.25" - W:4.75" - H:26"

Piece Identification: DP-RECMAN

Description: The strong sharp character of the piece of absolute black with its sharp clean beveled edges frames a soft reclusive figure.  The edges and figure are airbrushed with a light bronze.  The base is red oak and zebra wood.

Size: L:21.25" - W:5.75" - H:26.75"

Piece Identification: DP-SPDMN

Description: This will make a unique masculine statement.  This is a Lithichrome paint on a tablet of etched julian jade, with a border of brushed aluminum.  The base is maple and red oak.

Size: L:19.25" - W:4.50" - H:25.25"

Piece Identification: DP-PILINS

Description: Inks were rubbed into the etched surface of this black granite, then covered with a metallic finish.  The base is also polished black granite,

Size: L:8.75" - W:6" - H:18.75"

Piece Identification: DP-TRONBLU

Description: Simple and elegant etch on this blue spec granite.  This type of granite is quite rare and unique.  The edge is highlighted with 'bronze leaf'.  The base is maple and oak.

Size: L:21.50" - W:5" - H:19.75"

Piece Identification: DP-WLFONBK

Description: The 'rustic' stone and base fit the natural subject.  It is hand painted acrylic and sealed with a coat of polyeurethane.  The base is zebra wood.

SizeL:25.25" - W:4" - H:27.25"

Piece Identification: DP-THKMN

Description: This is acrylics air brushed on a piece of black granite.  The base is black granite also.  

Size: L:12" - W:6" - H:18.75"

Piece Identification: DP-TRIONTR

Description: This is a black prime granite with 'silver' and 'bronze' leaf  embedded in the abstract etching.  The graphic sits raised on a larger of piece of black prime (this is hard to see from the photo).  This piece is intended to be hung on a wall, and is fitted with the hardware in the back.  

SizeL:18" - W:18" - H:2.25"

Piece Identification: DP-PLMSLT

Description: This is  slate airbrushed with the graphic and then coated with a clear high gloss polyurethane.  Since this photo, the piece has been put on a new base that better matches the color of the stone.  

SizeL:18" - W:4" - H:26.25"

Piece Identification: DPBURTSO

Description: Form is function.  This is etched in a piece of absolute black granite and left a natural etched for contrast.  The base is zebra wood and red oak. 

SizeL:15.25" - W:4" - H:25.75"

Piece Identification: DPDANLDY

Description: An interpretation of a fine piece done by Matice.  The base is black granite.

Size: L:21" - W:6" - H:12.25"