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  1. All of the pieces are currently one-of-a-kind, so there is only one in my inventory.  If you are considering a piece, please use the form on the  Contact Me page to tell me which piece you are interested in, and pose any questions you may have about the piece.  You may also phone me at the toll free number of  877-537-9080.  If you phone me, please be sure to include the piece  number so I know which one you are interested in, and let me how I can contact you.

  2. I will reply to you within 24 hours, and if the piece is still available, I will give you a confirmation number, and the total price, including shipping charges.  If the piece is not available, I will tell you, and let you know if it is reproducible (please see footer note).

  3. After receiving the confirmation number from Echoes End  via E-Mail or phone, then you can use the secure order form to place your order.  Please be sure to include the confirmation number I gave you.  If you wish not to place your order over the internet, please feel free to call me at the toll free number of  877-537-9080 and I will be glad to take your order personally.

I check the site twice a day and remove those pieces that have already been purchased, so I'm hoping I will not be showing a piece that has already been purchased.  I know that can be very frustrating to have made up your mind, but then hear it is no longer available.  

If you do see a piece you like, but I confirm it is no longer available, then I may still be able to complete one for you on a special order basis.  Most of the pieces can be replicated for the design content, but I may or may not be able to replicate the  stone it is on.  I limit each piece to 10 reproductions.  If the design, size and content are the same, the price would be the same as the original.  I do ask for a 50% deposit on the special orders because they are 'custom'.


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